On being Gamma, part 2

Technically, I’m no longer Gamma. Pumpkin, who talks up a storm and has been for quite some time, now correctly identifies me as Grandma. The Boyfriend’s name is still hilariously inaccurate, but she’s got me.

Little Sister arrived a little early on November 17th. I got the call just after midnight. Coincidentally, I’d been planning to take a half day’s vacation that day, to get a few things done around the house. I was to be in charge of Pumpkin while Mom, Dad and her other Grandma were at the hospital, so I wanted to be ready.

But Little Sister had other plans, and as it turned out, none of us were ready. The Boyfriend was out of state at a family funeral. I’d briefly considered going with him, convinced that I wouldn’t get the call before that weekend. Ha! Good one, Little Sister!

So, she has a name and she now has a code name. It’s rather hilarious that my first granddaughter, born in July, ended up with a fall themed nickname, while my second granddaughter showed up right before Thanksgiving. But Pumpkin’s name (other than being my favorite flavor of pie) has nothing to do with that. She’s called Pumpkin because that’s what my mom called me when I was little.

Little Sister needed something too, though. It took a while and just a little research (I’m a librarian, remember), but I settled on something that keeps with tradition. My dad had his nicknames for me, too. One of them was Punky. I passed on that. His other nickname for me, given that we are mostly German, was his “Little Deutschmann.” I didn’t want that for Little Sister either, though. So, I compromised with “Schnuckiputzi” which, depending on which resource you consult, either has no English translation, or is German for either Sweetie Pie or Cutie Pie. Either one will work and I’ve paid homage to both of my parents, who didn’t have the pleasure of meeting their great granddaughters.

So, Schnuckiputzi is here. Pumpkin favors her mother, but Schnucki is definitely her dad’s daughter. I look into her face and I see my son. I said so from the beginning, but he only acknowledged it recently. My sister has only seen photos, but says she has an old soul. I suspect she’s right. My parents might be closer to her than I realize.


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