On being “Gamma”

I haven’t really mentioned much about Pumpkin here. Mostly, it’s because I haven’t really posted a lot lately.

She’s pretty amazing, though. I know, I know, all grandmothers believe that their grandkids are The Best, and let’s face it, it’s true. 🙂

I wish my mom could have met her. That is probably the thing that I’m saddest about. She had such a great relationship with Pumpkin’s dad (with both my sons, honestly) and I know that she would have gotten such a kick out of how smart and funny Pumpkin is.

She will be turning two in the very near future, but she seems like she’s already past that and then some. She’s been able to identify letters of the alphabet since she was about 18 months old. She knows them all now, as well as numbers 1 through 10, the basic colors and shapes. Interestingly, the oval was one of her first.

We FaceTime on occasion and there was one day where she kept picking up the iPad and moving it. Then I would see a tiny butt sit down and then all I could see was the rest of the room. Every time my son moved it back, she did the same thing. Finally, we figured out that she was putting the iPad, with Gamma’s face on it, next to her on her little couch. She wanted to sit next to Gamma.

How can you resist that adorableness?

A few days back, I was texting with my daughter-in-law, when all of a sudden, I received one from her that said,

Nggttttfgtre see sd ft ui ghgyutt4yftgggyyttfttttttffffdddfddffffcgfcxccf ggcvv & ;vh&*>[poo  poo poo ui hggggggggh yggggggggghh; bbq vvhhggg%ghhh

It was quickly followed by text indicating that message was from my granddaughter.

We recently learned that Pumpkin is going to be getting a baby sister come December. I’m curious to see how she is with her. The Boyfriend’s niece recently became a big sister (with just about the same age difference). Her level of interest in the new baby is pretty minimal. After all, toddlers have stuff to DO!

My son and daughter-in-law have named the new baby already, because they wanted Pumpkin to be able to identify her. If you point to the ultrasound picture and ask Pumpkin who it is, she responds, “That’s a [name redacted]!” Again with the adorableness.

We’ll see if she’s that excited once the Player to be Code Named Later is actually here. 🙂