What I’ve been up to lately

I make one post in January and then disappear. Awesome.

Lots has happened since then. We went to NYC and caught a couple of late show tapings, including one of the last Letterman shows. That was a blast. Our favorite bartender is still working at our favorite pub. We saw JL and met his girlfriend.

A slightly amusing aside: My boys’ names both start with J, obviously. JM married a girl whose name starts with S. I bought new Christmans stockings for the boys and my daughter-in-law a couple of years ago, and found large silver initials that I could pin to each. So, the fireplace mantle had three stockings, J, S and J. JL’s girlfriend will be getting a stocking this year as well. Guess what her name starts with? Sometimes, my boys act like such twins, I swear.

We’d found out last fall that JM and S were expecting their first child, and around February, we learned the baby was a girl. She was due about a week after my birthday, but early in the morning on that day, I got the phone call. “Looks like you might be getting a birthday buddy after all,” JM said.

Well, she held off until 3:30 a.m. the following day, so my Pumpkin Pie has her own day, just as it should be. I would love to post photos of her, but I’m honoring the parents’ wishes and not posting anything online. I promise you, she’s adorable.

While my friend Kimmer is rehabbing a houseboat, I’m getting ready to renovate my disgusting bathroom, in preparation for putting my house on the market. JM has decided he’d like me to live a little closer and my current neighborhood does not seem to be bouncing back from the housing crash. Time to move on and head back to my old stomping grounds.

I just looked back in my archives and realized that I never mentioned that I’d taught myself to crochet last year. I’m always a little late to the party. Years ago, I discovered a couple of entertaining bloggers who happened to love yarn. I enjoyed reading them, even if I didn’t totally understand their particular obsession.

I get it now.

Fortunately, I’m still in touch with one of them. Kare is awesome. 🙂 Kind of wish I could find Tara, but she seems to have vanished somewhere into Canada. Maybe someday she’ll resurface.

So, like any good yarn obsessor? obsesser? I should probably post photos, right? I’ll get on that.

Petunia the Hippopotamus

Petunia the Hippopotamus

Here’s a hippo I crocheted for my Pumpkin. Guess what the theme of the nursery is? 🙂

More later. It’s time for lunch.



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  1. HI! We all resurface sooner or later, eh? (Get what I did there? Canadian reference? Yes? No?)
    Welcome Back, Mr. Kotter.

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